Punto di svolta - Ugo Mattei, Alessandra Quarta

Ecologia, tecnologia e diritto privato. Dal capitale ai beni comuni.

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“Punto di svolta presents a clear and radical analysis of the fundamental legal institutions of private law and suggests ways to avoid the serious threat that the dominant policy of extraction we see in the Anthropocene era poses to the survival of civilisation on our planet. A stimulating challenge not only for lawyers but for everyone in this current political climate".
Antonio Gambaro, Accademia dei Lincei

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Can private law to take on an ecological significance? Can we defend nature and the common good through private property and a formal contract? Do we really have rules of responsibility at our disposal that are enough to guarantee and protect the right to health of future generations? Is our environment, our land, really protected from the rushing tide of technological transformation that we are now witnessing?

In this essay, Ugo Mattei, internationally acclaimed lawyer, and Alessandra Quarta, expertly navigate these and many other connected questions, giving a concise but thorough discussion on the fundamental institutions of private law from an ecological perspective. 

Punto di svolta addresses the major issues of private ownership and contracts, of legal representation and sovereignty, to the crux of responsibility; an essential read for those who want to quip themselves with effective tools to defend our future.

The authors
- Ugo Mattei
teaches International and Comparative law at the University of California, Hastings College of Law, San Francisco, and Civil law at the University of Turin. He is active in the “movement for the common good” and is the author of academic publications translated into many languages. In 2017, Aboca Edizioni published Ecologia del diritto, an Italian translation of the book he wrote together with Fritjof Capra 

- Alessandra Quarta
teaches private law at the University of Turin and is Director of Research at the International University College of Turin. Amongst her publications is Non-proprietà. Teoria e prassi dell’accesso ai beni (2016).

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