Rameses III Kyphi Incense

Picture of Rameses III Kyphi Incense
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Eternal fragrance.

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Of all the incenses used by the Egyptian people in their homes, kyphi was one of the most widely used. It was burned in honour of the gods during the hour of sunset, in order to purify the air and release the day's tensions. 

Produced by Aboca using natural ingredients and by following the recipe discovered in the Harris Papyrus (XII century BC), the perfume of Kyphi of Rameses III, will invoke the magical atmosphere of ancient Egypt in your house, complimenting you with notes of incense, myrrh, cinnamon and citronella.

Made for essential oil burners.

Colophony, Chios mastic, peppermint and cinnamon powders, citronella essential oil, honey and dried grapes.


3 tronchi piramidali di Kyphi di Ramesse III

10 x 3 cm