Cypress Signum Et imago Jewellery Line

Picture of Cypress Signum Et imago Jewellery Line
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Longevity and immortality.

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Signum et Imago, the exclusive line of silver jewellery from Aboca Museum. 
Each pendant reinterprets with a modern and minimal flavour a medicinal plant with strong symbolic value.

Strong and aromatic, the Cypress is one of the most evocative Mediterranean woods. Its presence was deemed beneficial and ancient doctors recommended it for sleeping disorders in areas where cypress trees grew. In Persia it was considered the first tree of heaven, while in Christian times and lands it was more often the symbol of hope and eternal life.

Each item of jewellery is elegantly packaged and accompanied by a certificate which bears historic information on the plant and its traditional uses.

Silver pendant and chestnut coloured necklace.

Pendaglio in argento e cordoncino in tessuto di colore marrone