Willow Signum Et Imago Jewellery Line

Picture of Willow Signum Et Imago Jewellery Line
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Life and renewal

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Signum et Imago, the exclusive line of silver jewellery from Aboca Museum. 
Each pendant reinterprets with a modern and minimal flavour a medicinal plant with strong symbolic value.

The willow originated from Asia Minor, where it grew along water courses. Legend has it that it was brought to the West from China by an unknowing traveller. After having dropped a few parts of this tree in his garden, he was surprised to find that it germinated in spring. Considered by many peoples as the Sacred tree of life, it has become a symbol of cyclic renewal and fertility.

Each item of jewellery is elegantly packaged and accompanied by a certificate which bears historic information on the plant and its traditional uses.

Silver pendant and black fabric necklace.

Pendaglio in argento e cordoncino in tessuto di colore nero