Small Glass Jar With Dry Herbs

Picture of Small Glass Jar With Dry Herbs
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Fragrances flowing into your home

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A refined glass vase packed full of colourful and aromatic dry herbs. 
A versatile and original home accessory to give or to be given.

The jar was created by Florentine craftsmen and is a faithful reproduction of an 18th-century specimen held at the Aboca Museum. The "Albarello" is sealed by a hand made fabric doily and satin band. A greetings card is tied to the band and bears a wonderful botanic image.

The dry herbs within the vessel are merely for decoration and are not suitable for dietary use. They may also vary according to the season: Aboca is committed to always guaranteeing the quality and fragrance of the selected herbs.

The Albarello was a typical pharmacy container. It is characterised by its particular cylindrical shape, wider at the base and at the mouth, reminiscent of a bamboo cane. This is particularly significant because in ancient times drugs came from the East in bamboo canes.

8 cm

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12 x 8 cm

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