“Sphaera” Passionflower ceramic diffuser

Picture of “Sphaera” Passionflower ceramic diffuser
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The enchantment of fragrance

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Delicate floral combinations in a diffuser that will brighten your home with sweet fragrances… An unusual gift, decorated with beautiful images taken from ancient botanical illustrative plates!

As well as the ceramic diffuser, the pack also contains a set of wooden reedsand a bottle of an alluring perfume composed as follows:

- top notes: neroli, grapefruit, forest fruits
- heart notes: black orchid, rose, geranium
- base notes: sandalwood, coumarin, musk, vanilla.

The history of botany and the revelation of its rare and precious secrets, has always been a part of Aboca’s project: the diffuser’s floral decorations are taken from the Herbier Général de l'Amateur (Passiflora caerulea L) and The Botanist (Meyenia hawtayneana Nees). The original volumes from which the images were taken belong to the Bibliotheca Antiqua of Aboca Museum.

Composed of eight volumes, the Herbier Général de l'Amateur was printed in Paris between the second and third decade of the 19th century. The watercolors from which the engravings were made, coloured manually at the time of publication, are owed to the famous botanical painter Pancrace Bessa, who was entrusted with this work by Charles X of France.

The Botanist was released between 1836 and 1842 by Benjamin Maund, a renowned English botanist and member of the Linnean Society of London. The finely coloured lithographs were made by some of the most talented English designers and engravers of the 19th century and accompanied by exhaustive notes on the cultivation of the species portrayed.

The "Sphaera" diffuser is available in three different variants (the names given refer to the predominant flower in each of the compositions):


cm 10 x 10 x 12


Capacità del flacone: 75 ml

Stick (bastoncini): 22 cm