Sull'acqua - Michele Serra

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Sull’acqua recounts with great intensity the epic story of the waters of Milan that, after decades of forced industrial extraction, lie in the subsoil of the city, full of mystery, memories and promises.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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A text at once poetic and philosophical on the universal and critical theme of water, the essential element in the life of individuals and of societies, now under the real, keen threat of environmental pollution, that has been able to build dispersion and voracious economic interests.

Michele Serra writes: “The idea of something coming from below is no less fascinating than something looming from above; if the ancients were afraid that the sky would fall, I imagined an event for us moderns in which the water comes up from the depths to remind us of our weaknesses as well as our duties [...] It goes without saying that this isn’t just a poetic musing. Climate change reflected in water levels [...] is one of the great future problems for humanity, and water consumption is a clear urgent need [...] That which emerges from below contains a revelation, something that we had forgotten, neglected [...] Sull’acqua is also an unspoken prayer: may we never be without water, and may its level remain high enough for our survival, neither above that nor below.

The author
Michele Serra
(Rome 1954), one of the most brilliant and versatile writer/journalists of our time, is the author of numerous books, some of them very successful. He writes for “la Repubblica”, “L’Espresso” and “Vanity Fair”. He writes for the theatre and has written for television. He established and directed the weekly satirical supplement “Cuore”.

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