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Ours is an age in which we rightly give emphasis to technological medicine in the form of extraordinary tools for diagnosis and powerful drugs against very serious diseases. It may therefore seem unusual for the authors of this book to discuss situations that are very common, for example, those cases where people are not actually sick but nor are they "perfectly well", when they are in some sort of "intermediate state" between the healthy balance of the organism and an outright sickness. Due to their very nature, our bodily systems tend to protect us and respond excellently to the challenges thrown at us by everyday life…but only up to a certain point.

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The authors attempt to answer the following questions:
- "Is it possible to help health professionals identify conditions when the balance of our organism has been altered?"
- "Are we able to assist our organism not to overstep the boundary that leads to a sickness or disease?"
- "If so, how can we do it, other than by following a healthy lifestyle?"
- "Could this question be answered by the use of phytotherapy?"

Thousands of years of experience have enabled us to identify medical plants of great value. Using a modern approach based on serious research and quality production we can produce reliable tools to safeguard our health.

The authors
- Giuseppe Ventriglia
. A doctor in general medicine, he has spent more than twenty years on the problems related to continual training within the sphere of the Società Italiana di Medicina Generale (SIMG). He has designed many teaching courses and written articles on clinical themes, teaching methodology and phytotherapy. He is a lecturer on the International Master's course in Phytotherapy at the Universities of Cagliari and Madrid.

- Vitalia Murgia. A paediatrician and professor of Paediatrics at the paediatrics specialisation school at the University of Padova. He is the author of many publications and a lecturer on the Master's course in Phytotherapy at the Università Sapienza in Rome and on the international Master's course in Phytotherapy at the Universities of Cagliari and Madrid.


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