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Una visione sistemica

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In the past thirty years, a new systemic idea of life has emerged in avant-garde science. Complexity, networks and organisation patterns have been the target of renewed attention, leading to an innovative approach, the so-called “systemic” approach.

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This book contains, in a single coherent theoretical context, the ideas, models and theories that are the foundation of the systemic vision of life. Fully exploring history and different scientific disciplines from all angles, the authors analyse the appearance of key terms, such as autopoiesis, dissipative structures, social networks and the systemic comprehension of evolution.

The book also discusses the implications of the systemic approach to life regarding public health, management and global environmental and economic crisis. 

Written with educational purposes, the book also intends to become essential reading for students and researchers interested in understanding the new systemic understanding of life and its implications for the various disciplines of natural and social sciences: from economics to politics, from medicine to psychology, ecology and law.

Vita e Natura - Una visione sistemica
 is part of the collection International Lectures on Nature and Human Ecology.
 A series of editions that offer the possibility of focusing, with the help of scientists, naturalists and philosophers, on the system of relationships that links man and nature. It is, in fact, increasingly obvious that evolution is not possible without nature, and it is exactly in the context of the new science, qualitative and probabilistic, that the undeniable value of natural as opposed to synthetic production and genetic modification is strengthened. The purpose of this collection is to give voice to the avant-garde lines of thought that deal with these subjects in an international perspective. It intends to help us understand a little more of the relationship between our species and the environment in which we live and therefore to help blaze the trail towards a future different from what we now glimpse in the horizon.

The authors
- Fritjof Capra
 is the co-founder and director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, and a professor at the Schumacher College in the United Kingdom. A physician, he studies Systems Theory, and in the past thirty-five years he has been working on a systematic reflection of the philosophical and social implications of contemporary science. He is coauthor, with Hazel Henderson, of the book, Crescita qualitativa - Per un'economia ecologicamente sostenibile e socialmente equa (Aboca Edizioni, Sansepolcro, 2013), with Anna Lappé, of the book, Agricoltura e cambiamento climatico (Aboca Edizioni, Sansepolcro, 2016)

- Pier Luigi Luisi is a professor of Biochemistry at the Università di Roma TRE. He started his career at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ), where he became a Chemistry teacher and started the interdisciplinary project “Cortona Weeks”. His main research involves the experimental, theoretical and philosophical aspects of the origin of life and of the self-organisation of natural and synthetic systems. 

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